Lab Members

Lab Director

Eric Hehman, PhD

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Eric Hehman is an Associate Professor of Psychology at McGill University and director of the Seeing Human Lab. His research examines the causes and consequences of intergroup prejudices, and how perceptions across group boundaries (e.g., race, gender, sexual-orientation, occupation, etc) contribute to intergroup dynamics. To address these questions, he takes a multi-method approach, incorporating a broad range of behavioral (e.g., computer-mouse tracking, digital face modeling, group interactions) and statistical techniques (e.g., multilevel modeling, structural equation modeling, machine learning).

In his free time, Eric doesn't do a single interesting thing.

Graduate Students

Jennifer Suliteanu

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Jennifer received her HBSc in psychology at Concordia University. Her research interests centre around bias in social perception, what causes it, and how to mitigate it, as well as how it plays out in different minority groups, especially in terms of intersectionality. She is also interested in political polarization, why it occurs, and how to lessen it to promote cooperation.
She enjoys going to concerts, hiking, and traveling.

Travis Lim, MSocSci

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Travis received his BSocSci (Hons) and MSocSci in Psychology at the National University of Singapore. He is broadly interested in intergroup relations, with a specific focus in prejudice and diversity. Travis integrates big data and geospatial analyses with traditional psychological approaches to understand the true nature of prejudice and identify how intergroup biases can be reduced.

Travis enjoys traveling, comedy, and strategy games (including bridge and mahjong).

Jeremy Rappel

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Jeremy received his BA (Hons) in psychology from McGill University. His research interests cover psychological factors that underlie participation in far-right extremist groups, with a focus on leveraging frameworks from Motivational Psychology, and is accordingly co-supervised by Drs. Hehman and David Vachon. Secondary research interests include exploring predictors and correlates of sexual aggression.

He enjoys historical fencing (no one knows what this is), crocheting, and baking.


Eugene Ofosu

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Eugene was Eric's second and final transplant from Ryerson University. At McGill, his dissertation tested some early predictions from nascent models of regional prejudice, such as whether people's prejudices changed when they moved into different contexts. Eric tried to teach Eugene how to ride a bike, but failed. He left the lab in 2023 to be a post-doctoral research associate at Princeton's School of Public and International Affairs.

Sally Xie

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Sally was Eric's first beloved but slightly burned pancake. Originally starting at Ryerson University, she moved to McGill with the lab in 2018. During her PhD, she revealed that the way in which we form impressions of people depends on the groups to which they belong (this process was previously assumed to be more universal). She left the lab in 2022 to pursue her post-doctoral scholarship with Molly Crockett at Princeton.

Neil Hester

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Neil worked in the lab as a post-doc, focusing on how social categories such as race, gender, and age intersect with contextual factors to predict stereotyping and discrimination. Beyond his scholarship, he weathered Montreal during the first few years of COVID, mixed some excellent cocktails, and developed a high-dimensional halfling wizard (Siggy Doublesight). He left the lab to start as an Assistant Professor at the University of Waterloo in summer 2022.



Lola (pronounced Lolzylolzylolz) served as lab mascot and morale in the six founding years of the lab. She was part bulldog, part drama queen, and all heart. She graduated to the big datacenter in the sky in May 2021.