Join the lab!

Joining as a graduate student
The Seeing Human Lab [Link] will be accepting graduate students this year to start Fall 2018 (application deadline Dec 1, 2017).

The lab examines how we form impressions of others, particularly across group boundaries (e.g., race, gender, sexual orientation, politics, etc), and how these impressions contribute to societal factors like prejudice, conflict, and inequality. Specifically, we examine the mechanisms that give rise to impressions at the behavioral and neural level, and how these intergroup perceptions manifest in society. The lab is quite multimethod, implementing a wide variety of techniques and statistical approaches including intergroup interactions, mousetracking, digital face and body modeling, large-scale data analysis, and EEG.

Competitive candidates will be highly motivated, excited by research, and possess excellent time-management skills. Applicants will likely have a background in psychology, neuroscience, or cognitive science. Any experience with data management and statistical modeling (e.g., R, SPSS, SAS, Mplus), experimental design and data collection (e.g., DirectRT, e-prime, mousetracking), neural measures and analysis (e.g., EEG, EEGLAB, BESA), or programming (e.g., MATLAB, javascript, d3) is valued but not required. Consider this advice on writing your research statement: [Link]

If interested, please send an email ( for more specific details about the positions and see here for more detailed information about the school and program [Link]. While the position is open to candidates of all backgrounds, Canadian applicants are especially encouraged to apply.

Joining as an undergraduate
If interested in joining the lab as an undergraduate research assistant, please fill out [this application] and send to our lab manager [].

MA and Ph.D. Program
Interested students can apply to Ryerson's Psychology program [Link]. Students interested in joining the lab should feel free to apply to the program that best reflects their research interests, but note that our primary affiliation is with the Social area of the Psychological Science track.

Postdoctoral Fellows & Visiting Scholars
If interested in working in the lab as a post-doc or visiting scholar, please contact Dr. Hehman.